​Why did I create Voice Matters?

One of the definitions of "voice" according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is ''an instrument or medium of expression''. Many expressions corroborate the importance of that tool that often goes unnoticed. For instance, a good leader is ''the voice of the people'', a reliable friend is ''the voice of wisdom'', being valued is ''having a voice''. Furthermore, connecting to one's true self is referred to as ''finding one's voice''. Add to that, a voice is practically as unique as your DNA, thus the idea of ''voiceprint''. So in a way part of your self-discovery journey and self care ought to include your voice, as your Voice Matters.

My own journey started 15 years ago. As I was seeking ways to overcome the technical challenges I faced as an artist; especially that I am both an actor and a singer. It was unthinkable for me to favour one facet of my artistic personality over the other. I instinctively knew that a voice is an instrument to be respected and treated the same way whether for speech or singing. To this end, I had to seek alternative ways to hone the skills I had acquired throughout my academic path.

By doing so, I also realized the healing potential of voice work. From the soothing vibrations of a hum, to the strident liberation of a high note I learned to find refuge in those privileged moments. I actively listened to my heart, my body and my soul all becoming one in a breath of life creating a sound I can call my own.

Throughout this process, I became increasingly aware of the lack of such workshops in the Middle-East and North Africa. Driven by my inspiring passion for voice I could not resist the desire to share this universe with those who generously allow me to enter their world and hopefully help them achieve well-being. Having this privilege is extremely challenging but even more rewarding and gratifying.

This journey helped me love myself and be more grounded on and off stage. Hopefully that makes me a better human being and a better artist.

Mike Massy - Founder of Voice Matters Workshop

A well known singer and actor, holder of  a graduate degree in Acting and Theatrical Studies and a Baccalaureate in Arabic Opera Singing and classical Piano.
Mike Massy conducted extensive research to unify the spoken and singing voice. He attended various workshops in Europe and the USA on the Alexander technique, Michael Lugering method and western and eastern singing methods.
Driven by his passion and the overwhelming desire to share his findings, Mike Massy created Voice Matters Workshop – the first  training initiative for spoken and singing voice in the MENA region workshop that attracts participants from all over the MENA region and the world.
To Mike Massy, Voice Matters is much more than a workshop; it is the privilege of self-discovery through the meanders of the complex human nature guided by… One’s Inner Voice.