Physical and mental exercises based on the core and the body weight will allow participants to use their surroundings to achieve a better communication.

Exploring the inner voice will prompt participants to define their real needs, thus feel empowered, and in control of any situation.

Intuition and real sensations are the guides to discover how the body and the voice express feelings, emphasizing on the spontaneous way by consciously revisiting the unconscious voice and body behavior.

Your voice is who you are. If you tame it, you will be loosing a significant part of your identity. How many times you shouted out too loud but nobody could hear you?

Voice Matters Workshop

helps you in

different aspects such as:

Dealing with the ‘’I hate my voice’’ syndrome!

Helping persons who did not achieve peace with their voice’s timbre, tone, range, character or color​

 embrace their true voice,

thus your true identity

The workshop offers a chance to dissect the physical components of voice to explore its anatomy first hand.

Voice exercises will increase your charisma and presence and provide you with a feeling of well-being that will free you and enable you to speak your mind.

Your voiceprint is an integral part of your identity. Whether you talk, shout, whisper or sing; you are expressing yourself.